It's in the Blood

After years of racing in front of thousands of fans, the Belmont family is proud to bring their expertise to our local community.

For the Belmont family, a passion for automobiles courses through their veins going back generations. It began with Chic Belmont, the founder of Belmont's Garage in Langhorne. In his younger days, Chic was a stock car racing aficionado who lived for the roar of the engines and the adrenaline rush of hitting triple digit speeds on the oval tracks.

Chic's need for speed transitioned into a career working on cars when he opened his own repair shop in the 1960s. Wrenching on vehicles was in his blood, lovingly maintaining and fixing them up with a racer's attention to detail. But it was more than just a job - it was a way of life that Chic passed down to his son Andy.

From the moment Andy could walk, he was immersed in the world of cars and auto repair. He grew up spending hours at the garage, watching in awe as his dad worked diligently on customer's automobiles. Andy quickly became enthralled with getting his hands greasy, learning every nut and bolt of an engine.

As he got older, Andy too caught the racing bug. On weekends, he could be found at local stock car tracks, tearing up the asphalt in his heavily modified muscle cars. The need for speed was an itch that, like his father, he had to constantly scratch.

When Chic eventually hung up his coveralls, it was only natural that Andy would take over the reins at Belmont's Garage. Having been raised around cars his whole life prepared him well for the top job. To this day, you can find Andy imparting his vast knowledge to his mechanics, ensuring every repair receives the same hands-on care that started with his dad over half a century ago.

Belmont's Garage remains a family-owned and operated business in every sense. For the Belmonts, cars aren't just a profession - they're a way of life going back decades. With their automotive upbringing, top-notch service is simply in their DNA.